Marc Owen Jones, Ross Porter, Marc Valeri (eds.)

Marc Owen Jones, Ross Porter, Marc Valeri (eds.) Gulfization of the Arab World

Gulfization of the Arab World

Editors: Marc Owen Jones, Ross Porter, Marc Valeri

Gerlach Press
Language: English
1. Edition (2018)
Hardcover, 172 pages
HC ISBN 9783959940320
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From projecting ideology and influence, to maintaining a notion of ‘Gulfness’ through the selective exclusion or inclusion of certain beliefs, cultures and people, the notion of Gulfization is increasingly pertinent as Gulf countries occupy a greater political and economic role in wider Middle East politics.
This volume discusses the notion of Gulfization, and examines how thoughts, ideologies, way of life and practices are transmitted, changed, and transduced inside and outside the Gulf. From historical perspectives such as the impact of the 1952 Egyptian Revolution in Yemen, to studies on the contemporary projection of Salafism or hyper-nationalism in the Gulf monarchies, this book explores, contends, and critiques the transnational and regional currents that are making, and unmaking, the new Gulf Moment.
This is the first volume of the new Exeter Critical Gulf Series and is based on the 28th Gulf Conference held at the University of Exeter in 2016.

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