New Releases

Constantinople and the Bosphorus

Translated from the French and annotated by G. Rex Smith and Jonathan M. G. Smith

Pierre Loti with Samuel Viaud – 2024-04

First English translations of Pierre Loti’s ‘Suprêmes Visions d’Orient’ and ‘Constantinople. Fin de siecle’. Pierre Loti (1850-1923) was born Louis-Marie-Julien Viaud into a Protestant family in Rochefort in Saintonge, ...
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The Earliest Writings on the Life of Muḥammad

The ‘Urwa Corpus and the Non-Muslim Sources

Andreas Görke, Gregor Schoeler – 2024-02

The main part of this book consists of a compilation and evaluation of the corpus of traditions about the life of Muḥammad attributed to the early scholar ‘Urwa ibn al-Zubayr (c. 643- c. 712). ‘Urwa was the nephew of the...
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Al-Tabari. A Medieval Muslim Historian and His Work

With a New Foreword by the Editor

Hugh N. Kennedy (ed.) – 2024-02

This volume provides a discussion of the works of Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Ṭabarī (d. 932 CE), the greatest historian of the early Islamic world. An international team of well-known scholars examine the life of the man, his...
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The Eye of the Beholder: The Life of Muhammad as Viewed by the Early Muslims

A Textual Analysis

Uri Rubin – 2024-02

Detailed examination of traditions about Muhammad which illustrate particular themes thought to be part of the biblical prophetic paradigm: attestation, preparation, the experience of revelation, persecution, and "s...
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Between Bible and Qur'an

The Children of Israel and the Islamic Self-Image

Uri Rubin – 2024-02

This book investigates the literary role played by the Bible in Islamic sources. It focuses on the tension between Biblical and Qur’anic models as revealed in Islamic texts describing contacts between the Muslims and the...
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The "Constitution of Medina"

Muḥammad's First Legal Document

Michael Lecker – 2024-02

The ‘Constitution of Medina’ is probably the first legal document of Muḥammad and dates back to the first year after his hijra (622 CE), or “emigration”, which brought him from his hometown Mecca to the cluster of towns ...
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Forthcoming Publications

History of the Oil Industry in the Gulf and the People Who Made it Happen, 1934-1966

Based on Original Documents of Abu Dhabi Petroleum Company (Set of 5 Books in 6 Volumes, with Index)

David Heard – 2024-10

These volumes are a testament of the challenges contended by extraordinary men who initiated the search for oil in the United Arab Emirates in the years between the two World Wars. This set of a total of five books i...
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The Trucial Coast Political Reports 1963-1966

From Pearls to Oil - at Last. With an Index for vols 1-5

David Heard – 2024-10

The Trucial Coast Political Reports are a unique record of events, commented on by a small group of British men living in Sharjah and Dubai. This was in the years leading up to the commencement of oil exports from the de...
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From Pearls to Oil

How the Oil Industry Came to the United Arab Emirates

David Heard – 2024-10

From Pearls to Oil is a testament of the challenges contended by extraordinary men who initiated the search for oil in the United Arab Emirates in the years between the two World Wars. This book features never-befor...
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Contemporary Oman

The Sultan, the People and the Legacy of Peace

Mahjoob Zweiri, Farah Al Qawasmi (eds.) – 2024-11

At a time of rapid international change and marked regional dynamism, the Sultanate of Oman is emerging as a nation of surprising significance. Oman is a unique case of a Gulf state strategically and culturally located ...
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Ibn Aʿtham al-Kūfī and his Kitāb al-futūḥ: Author, Textual Tradition, and Ridda Narrative

With a New Edition of the Text on the Ridda (2 Vols.)

Mónika Schönlebér – 2025-01

This two-volume set delves deeply into the life of the Muslim scholar Ibn Aʿtham al-Kūfī and his monumental historical work, the Kitāb al-futūḥ (Book of Conquests). Previous research has treated this work with considerab...
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Muslim Chaplaincy: Handbook and Voices of Muslim Women Chaplains in Higher Education

With a Foreword by Sophie Gilliat-Ray

Mahshid Turner (ed.) – 2025-01

Across North America and Europe, Muslim chaplains are increasingly taking up institutional chaplaincy appointments, especially in the health and education sectors. Slowly but surely, Muslim chaplaincy work is beginning t...
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The Banū Sulaym: A Contribution to the Study of Early Islam

Revised Edition

Michael Lecker – 2025-01

The study focuses on Sulaym in the crucial transition period from Jāhiliyya to Islam, and hence it contributes to the study of the Prophet and his time. Most of the study concentrates on the Arabian Peninsula, although a...
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Elegy as a Medium for the Indictment of Arab Culture: Death Transformed and Politicized

A Reading-Translation of Medieval and Modern Arabic Elegies

Mansour Ajami – 2025-01

The book consists of a critical introduction and six chapters on two famous great medieval poems by Ibn al-Anbari and Abu Tammam, and three unique and remarkable poems by Khalil Hawi, Nizar Qabbani, and Badr Shakir al-Sa...
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