Cutting Edge Publishing Programme in Middle East and Islamic Studies

Gerlach Press is the publishing division of Gerlach Books, a business founded in Berlin in 1997 supplying specialist academic publications to customers in 82 countries.


At a time when the Middle East and Islam play an ever increasing role in geopolitics and within societies of both East and West, Gerlach Press offers a highly topical and cutting edge publishing programme on international and current affairs, economics, social, theological and philosophical issues related to the Middle East and the Gulf states in particular, as well as in the field of Islamic and Quranic studies.

Print & Electronic

In essence, Gerlach Press's model is the publication of peer-reviewed scholarship using the opportunities and benefits of digital technology. All publications are published both electronically (through JSTOR, Ebook Central by Proquest, and EBSCOhost) and in highest hardbound print quality ("Made in Germany").

Focus & Dedication

The founder and managing director of Gerlach Press, Kai-Henning Gerlach, took his MA in Islamic Studies at Freie UniversitΓ€t Berlin; his thesis on Sadik Al-Azm’s book Critique of Religious Thought was under the supervision of Professor Baber Johansen. He has since been a specialist in Middle East and Islamic Studies both as a bookseller and as a publisher for more than 20 years.

Bureaucracy-Free & Speedy

Gerlach Press offer bureaucracy-free publishing and are very fast: Production takes four to six months from receipt of the complete manuscript.

Worldwide Marketing & Sales

The core of our marketing activities is our in-house database of scholars, libraries, and institutions. This is our direct route to specialists around the globe. Gerlach Press is represented in all key markets of North America, Europe and Asia and has distribution and stockholding arrangements in all relevant countries.


- Industrie- und Handelskammer zu Berlin πŸ”— (Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce)
- Boersenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels e.V. πŸ”— (German Book Trade Association)
- MELCom - European Association of Middle East Librarians πŸ”—
- SLA / AGC - Special Libraries Associatioon / Arabian Gulf Chapter πŸ”—
- DAVO - Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Vorderer Orient e.V. πŸ”—
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- JAMES - Japan Association for Middle East Studies πŸ”—
- MELA – Middle East Librarians Association πŸ”—

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