Hugh N. Kennedy (ed.)

Hugh N. Kennedy (ed.) Al-Tabari. A Medieval Muslim Historian and His Work

Al-Tabari. A Medieval Muslim Historian and His Work

With a New Foreword by the Editor

Editor: Hugh N. Kennedy

Gerlach Press
Language: English
2. Edition (2024-02)
Hardcover, 394 pages
HC ISBN 9783959941129
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This volume provides a discussion of the works of Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Ṭabarī (d. 932 CE), the greatest historian of the early Islamic world. An international team of well-known scholars examine the life of the man, his work, the sources he used and his intellectual legacy.

Grouped around four major themes - Caliphate and power, economy and society, Abbasids, and frontiers and the others - the contributions deal with the history, archaeology, architecture and literature of the Middle East, North Africa and beyond, from the time of the Prophet until the fifteenth century.

It is difficult to say whether we should treat him as an author or as an editor, repackaging earlier works, all fully acknowledged. What were his biases and prejudices? Was he a propagandist for the reigning Abbasid dynasty or simply a passer on of the traditions he found? This volume, bringing together some of the most eminent scholars of early Arabic historiography, is the first attempt to answer some of these questions and it will be of fundamental importance to anyone interested in the early Islamic world or in comparative historiography.

First edition published by Darwin Press (Princeton NJ) under ISBN 978-0-87850-128-1

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