Esther Peskes (ed.)

Esther Peskes (ed.) Wahhabism - Doctrine and Development

Wahhabism - Doctrine and Development

Set, Volumes 1-2 (Critical Surveys in Islamic Denominations)

Editor: Esther Peskes

Gerlach Press
Language: English
1. Edition (2016)
Hardcover, 649 pages
HC ISBN 9783940924506
Availability: in print
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Saudi Arabian Wahhabism is the ultra-puritanical form of Sunni Islam which has been adopted by Islamist radicals, Salafists, and jihadists to legitimize and spread their extremist agenda.
The scholarly articles in these two volumes throw fresh light on this messianic radicalism by tracing its origins in the 18th century up to its present role as the authoritative interpretation of Islam in the strategically vital Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
- Volume 1 focuses on the main tenets of Wahhabi doctrine that brought about the Wahhabi community as a group clearly distinguishable from other interpretations of Islam at the eve of modernity, and which are responsible for its essentially exclusive character as well as the militancy ascribed to it with regard to other Muslims.
- Volume 2 covers the development of Wahhabism in the peculiar socio-political conditions it sprang from, particularly its symbiosis with the Saudi ruling house, the structures and institutions it brought forth and its efforts to react to the challenges of a changing society.

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