David Heard

David Heard The Trucial Coast Political Reports 1963-1966

The Trucial Coast Political Reports 1963-1966

From Pearls to Oil - at Last. With an Index for vols 1-5

David Heard

Gerlach Press
Language: English
1. Edition (2024-10)
Hardcover, 454 pages
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The Trucial Coast Political Reports are a unique record of events, commented on by a small group of British men living in Sharjah and Dubai. This was in the years leading up to the commencement of oil exports from the desert of Abu Dhabi.

These men regularly met to discuss and negotiate with the Rulers of the Trucial States - sometimes in a state of mutual incomprehension - the conditions under which the Company (Petroleum Development/ Trucial Coast or PD/TC) would operate in their various territories. Boundaries and frontiers marked out in the desert were as much a novelty to the Bedouin as the notions of royalties and depreciation were to the Rulers. Men such as Bird, Codrai and Henderson learnt to understand, to some extent, the language and ways of the people of the Trucial Coast. They in turn had to contend with the ways of the legal, financial and business executives in London who tended to see affairs very differently.

It is thanks to these Company Representatives living on the Trucial Coast that the bulk of the Diaries was saved. It is due to the efforts of the London executives that much other material was lost in the name of economy of storage space. These Reports record important events as well as the writer’s observations. The editor has included some additional material from the PD/TC company files to present a more complete account.

Volume includes a number photographs and maps.

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