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Gerlach Press (Berlin and London) has relaunched the renowned book series “Studies in Late Antiquity and Early Islam“ (SLAEI), formerly published by Darwin Press, Princeton, and will in future publish several volumes per year. The first 15 volumes of the backlist were reissued in May 2021.

“SLAEI“ is edited by Jens Scheiner (University of Göttingen), Lawrence Conrad (Emeritus, University of Hamburg) and Robert G. Hoyland (New York University).

The study of Early Islam in the context of Late Antiquity has developed into an important field of research in Islamic Studies and its neighbouring disciplines. Political history, religious thought and cultural interconnections are examined in their Greek, Syriac, Ancient Arab, Persian or Egyptian context.

By broadening the perspective to the "first millennium" (Garth Fowden), not only Islamic Studies is enriched, but its neighbouring disciplines such as Byzantine Studies, Iranian Studies, Church History, Eastern Christian Studies, Greek Studies or Archaeology also benefit from these insights.

The Editors and publisher welcome works on the political history of the Middle East and North Africa, on social history, history of culture, ideas or economics, as well as on archaeology, numismatics or papyrology in the period in question. In addition to monographs, anthologies, conference proceedings, editions, translations, commentaries or reference works are planned.

Manuscripts will undergo a double-blind peer review after an initial evaluation by the editors. All volumes are published simultaneously as high-quality hardcover and ebook (via Jstor, Ebsco and Proquest, among others). Gerlach Press stands for personal support, rapid production schedules, and worldwide marketing & distribution.

We look forward to receiving your manuscripts.
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